Seamless Steel Pipe

Natural gas in annular furnace

Single or dual- feeding available , fueled by LPG, automated furnace temperature, furnace -pressure and furnace flow, China first-class controlling performance.

Piercing Mill:

Adopt conical-roller with quick-rolling and uniform tubular-billet thickness, easily adjust available for feeding angle and toe angle, roller-saving available, PLC control system, leading in domestic industry with its super precision and high automatization. 


Extension machine

High pressure descaling machine

Three roll sizing machine

Respective-power-transmission of three rollers, flexible adjustment, characterize as high-precised of outer-diameter and superior surface finishing.

Six roller straightening machine:

Six rollers, eight columns, perfect rigid , automated pressed and angle adjustment, hydraulic lock system, features as easily and flexibly operating and high precision

Double column sawing machine 

High-performance tube cutter supplied by Yingcheng Huaxing Tool Machine Ltd, features as high-speed and well-finished cut.


Cold bed:

Stepwise cooling bed, lifted by motor-transmitted, hydraulical-controlled translation, cooling section with 27 x 28m, dual-feeding available.


Ultrasonic&Eddy Current Detection& Hydrostatic Test Facility

Two-dimensional magnetic flux leakage testing equipment


Test Equipment

Universal testing machine

Universal lifting platform milling machine

Carbon-sulfur analyzer

Silicon-manganese-phosphorus tester

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